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20 Otcober 2016

Vintage is here: discover the new items in the Vespa accessories and spare parts catalog for 2017

Here at RMS, autumn is the season for new products, and this year - after revealing our cycle catalog to the public - it's time to unveil Vintage, a catalog containing all the spare parts and accessories for Vespa produced and distributed by us.

The catalog offers a wide variety of products, all similar to the originals, indispensable for anyone who wants to add value to the scooter they know, love and still ride to this day!

The most significant addition is without a doubt the new range of handlebar covers designed and manufactured in the Made In Italy style: they are designed for different models, from the Vespa PX 1 1997 to the PX with disc brakes, passing through the entire range of Vespa PKs produced since 1982.

Another much requested new item found in the Vintage 2017 catalog is the "Touring" muffler. What makes it so special? The answer lies in its unmistakable shape and the presence of counter-cones in the tubing to ensure better engine performance and a longer lifespan. All this, of course, without giving up the unmistakable buzz that has made the Vespa a legend around the world.

Also in the Vintage 2017 catalog, you can find cylinders for the Vespa PS 125 and 150 and the Vespa 150 Sprint, quality Federal-Mogul parts with Goetze rings and pistons, and a whole host of additions to the product range designed to respond to the needs of every Vespa rider.

Do you want to know more about all of the Vintage 2017 catalog products? Sign up at contact.rms.it to download the PDF.

To buy spare parts and accessories from the RMS Classic line for Vespas, please contact your nearest RMS dealer, who you can find with a simple online search.



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