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27 February 2015

RMS is the New Official Distributor of Kryptonite: Chains and Locks for a Safe Bicycle

Lightweight, comfortable and fast. It’s cheap, it can travel anywhere and it’s also healthy for body and soul. Can you guess what we are talking about? Easy, isn’t it?

Bicycle is the means of transport that is becoming more and more established among those who travel within the city for work, for school or even to do a quick shopping. An appeal that - thanks to the spring rapidly approaching - will increase even more, becoming a blast of energy.

For those who go cycling within the city, the main issue to consider is, without a doubt, the safety: safety while cycling - thanks to a proper fine-tuning using the most reliable products on the market - but also safety in traffic jams, in terms of visibility of the cyclist while riding the bike.

But safety is also to have the tranquillity to know that, if we park our bicycle somewhere, when we are back we will find it exactly in the same why in which we left it, right?

So locks become essential travel buddies and, if we want to avoid unwanted surprises, it’s better not to scrimps on their quality. As usual, RMS has decided to rely on a partner whose name is synonym of excellence: for this reason starting from March we will distribute Kryptonite products.

The brands doesn’t need no presentations: thanks to its over forty-years experience within the sector, the American company has always been inclined to research always more effective solutions to prevent bicycles thefts and to allow cyclists to ride their bicycles without worries.

Almost perfect locks, designed according to the feedbacks of those who use the bicycle everyday and with a demanding test bed: the streets of New York. This lead to the creation of light, small and easy to carry products (you can carry them also in a fanny pack or fastened to a bag), with a comfortable and quick hook and unhook, but also elegant and - most important - extremely reliable in their main function, that is to protect the bicycle against potential theft attempts.

Catalogo 2015 Kryptonite per RMS CicloStarting from March 1st, RMS will be the official distributor for Italy of the Kriptonite product line.

From New York Lock to Evolution Series 4, from Kryptolock to Keeper and the latecomer, Messenger Collection, we can provide bicycle chains, U-shaped and cable locks designed to last forever and that are already available in stock.

Find out the Kryptonite's catalog by RMS on contact.rms.it!





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