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24 April 2014

“Ready to Start” by BS Battery: SLA factory activated batteries exclusively distributed by RMS

An important revolution by RMS is ready to change the market of the batteries for motorcycles and scooters of every engine size: in collaboration with BS Battery, the Italian company is ready to start - exclusively for the Italian market - the distribution of the innovative SLA Ready to Start, the first factory activated batteries for two-wheelers.

SLA Ready to Start is a “Plug & Play” battery, that means that the battery is produced ready to be installed.

Today, the most popular batteries are the “conventional” lead-acid batteries, or flooded, and also the maintenance-free (those batteries don’t require any maintenance); in both cases, this batteries have some disadvantages:

first, before the installation, they must undergo a pretty long procedure (even a couple of hours); moreover, they must be manually prepared and this may lead to the risk of clunky operations that can result in a leakage of acid.

The new SLA Ready to Start by BS Battery, borrowing a technology already popular in the automobile world, resolve “in one fell swoop” all the problems we mentioned before, and they also guarantee further advantages.

Like lithium batteries, factory activated battery for motorcycles by BS Battery are sealed in the production stage and they leave the factory “ready to be used”: they don’t need any maintenance, they last longer - because they can’t be installed in a wrong way - they resist pretty well to the vibrations and they can be installed also in vertical because, like we have said before, they are sealed.

If yesterday all these “privileges” could be found only in some top-class models of different motorcycle manufacturers, now these advantages are within everyone's reach because BS Battery has realized a range of factory activated batteries perfectly compatible with every kind of motorcycle, from the scooters to the high engine sized models.

SLA Ready to Start batteries will be launched “at a price in line with what we can currently find on the market - explained Benjamin Sebban, BS Battery’s product manager, during the presentation event - with this new revolutionary products we want to achieve a large public of     motorcyclists, from those who seek the best performances to those who use the two-wheels to move everyday and so they need reliable and ready to use spare parts”.

Historic partner of BS Battery, RMS will guarantee the necessary logistic support for the most fast and widespread distribution of these innovative factory activated batteries.

Andrea Panzeri, sales marketing manager for RMS’s motorcycles and scooters department, explains: 

The market is evolving very fast: on the one hand, retailers want to have at their disposal a lot of spare parts but they can’t afford the relative storage costs, so they rely on us and on our service of order fulfillment within 24 hours we started few months ago; on the other hand, customers not only try to save money, but they also look for products and services more and more easy, fast and reliable. We have chosen to marry the BS Battery SLA Ready to Start project because it is moving exactly toward this direction”.

A project ready to transform the way every motorcyclist experience the relation with its two-wheeler. A revolution signed by BS battery and RMS.



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